406 MHz Distress Beacon Registration

(Australian and New Zealand coded beacons only)

This form is to be used for registering 406MHz Distress Beacons that are coded with the Australian or New Zealand country codes. Registration is FREE. If you have a beacon coded with a foreign country code, or if you do not know what country code has been used, then you will need advice, please contact us.

The best way is directly so go to



If you have problems or you need assistance then below is a form that will be directed back to my company which I can then forward to RCC










Information contained in this form is critical to your safety and to successful search and rescue (SAR) response:

 o You may use this form to register a maritime distress beacon (EPIRB), an aviation distress beacon (ELT) or a   personal distress beacon (PLB).
 o When entering information, you must include details in the following sections:

- Distress Beacon details;
- Reason for registration;
- Owner/Operator details;
- Supplier details;
- 24 Hour Emergency contact details; and
- Vessel or aircraft details.


ELT - Emergency Locator Transmitters are distress beacons that are fixed in aircraft.
EPIRB - Emergency Position-Indicating Radio Beacons are for maritime use and designed to float upright in water.
PLB - Personal Locator Beacons may be used as personal distress beacons in all environments. They are not designed to float upright in water but may be carried to supplement a vessel's EPIRB.


Reason for registration

Owner Operator Details
New registration
Updated info (eg. Change of address)
Replacement of beacon


Old beacon's Hex ID/UIN


New distress beacon details

15 Character unique ID (Hexadecimal ident.)

Beacon Unit Serial No.


Home Phone

Work Phone

Mobile/Other Phone

Postal address

Fax Number

Email Address

Supplier details

Supplier NameAviation Safety Supplies Ltd

Telephone No.

07 543 00075

Fax No.

07 543 4443

Business addressPO Box 3225 Tauranga

Email Address


24 Hour Contacts

If possible, please supply three names; of which , one person must be contactable at all times; these people will be contacted if the beacon is activated.

Contact One

Contact Two

Contact Three

Home Phone
Work Phone
Mobile Number

Aircraft Details (If applicable)

Aircraft Registration / Tail Number


Type of aircraft (Owner's description)


Make/Type (use ICAO abbreviation if known)

Satellite and/or mobile phone number used in aircraft

Privacy Statement

Beacons.co.nz & aviationsafety.co.nz collects this information for the purpose of passing directly to the Rescue Coordination Centre thereby enabling search and rescue. The information may be passed on to other govenment agencies assisting in search and rescue operations. Once the above info is finalised with the Hex number etc. and passed onto RCC, we then no longer hold the 24 Hour contact information on our file



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